Fun Facts for Ladybug Lovers
Although I grew up in the city, I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful garden in front of my house. We grew beautiful red roses and many other types of flowers. Playing in the garden was something fun that my friends and I did all the time. We picked out pretty flowers and wear them in our hair and use the soil from the garden to make mud pies. While digging for soil, I noticed many ladybugs flying around us. One of my friends was terrified of ladybugs, which I thought was pretty silly. Who could be afraid of these helpless little bugs? Little did I know that the ladybug is not a bug at all but actually a beetle. The term Ladybug that we use to call these pretty little beetles is actually the slang word for Lady Beetles. Other popular names are Ladybird and Ladybird Beetle. Also, the "Lady Beetle" only ate Aphids. Aphids are small plant-eating insects. Although the Lady Beetles have sharp little teeth, it is not sharp enough to bite human skin. Gardeners welcome ladybugs with open arms because they keep their plants healthy without having to use pesticides.

Catching one of these small beetles was pretty easy for me. I loved the pretty red shell and the black spots which I used to called polka dots. Surprisingly enough, they come in many different colors and some don't have spots at all. The shell can be found in yellow, orange, black, brown and even gray. There are even pink ladybugs which are found in Asia. I wasn't afraid of these tiny creatures because I knew that they where completely harmless but one day something strange happened. One of the ladybugs that I had caught let out this sticky yellow substance. I thought it was a dropping but it actually was yellow blood that is released from there little legs. They release the blood when they sense danger. I wasn't gonna harm the ladybug but I would be pretty scared too if I had some giant kid with big eyes poking at me.

One of my friends mom collected all sorts of ladybug decor. From tableware to bedding. I thought she was crazy to have so much decor around the house but one day my friend told me that her mom collected these insects because it was said to bring luck and good fortune which many cultures do agree on. Many cultures also believe that if you kill one of these small insects, you will bring down bad luck. Also, there are more than 5,000 species in the world and they have a short lifespan. The average cycle is a year but some can last up to 3 years. And I thought dogs had it rough. Imagine only living for three years. Made me think how lucky I was to be able to be living more than 3 years. Many years have passed and today I use the ladybugs for decor myself and it has brought good luck to my home or maybe I am just one lucky Chica.
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